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Professional Career

With a passion for helping others and a desire to help develop solutions to daily problems, Ilya Movshovich has established a professional career in business with a focus on entrepreneurship and startups. Working with many forward thinking and creative individuals he has led initiatives for a diverse set of companies standing as a board member, advisor, Vice President, and CEO, among other titles. Still early on his career, he is constantly looking for new ways to get involved in new business ideas that can change the world and impact the lives of others even in the smallest of ways. 


As an entrepreneur, Ilya Movshovich quickly found a home within the startup world, developing new and innovative ideas for ways to make life easier and more convenient for all types of individuals. He has found great success working with startups as an advisor as well as starting his own companies. Some of his greatest successes have come through companies involved in the automotive and transportation industries as well as other research and scientific endeavors.


Having established his professional career, gaining many years of valuable experience in startup companies and business in general, Ilya Movshovich has gone on to found his own business consulting company, Movshovich Consulting. As a consultant, he works with CEOs and business leaders to develop unique and customized strategies for business development focusing on areas that include the improvement and enhancement of:

  • Business Processes
  • Sales Processes
  • Change Management 
  • On-Boarding and Hiring Processes
  • Planning for Business Growth

Ilya Movshovich is a thought leader and strategist in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and organizational development and is always willing to give his advice for startup companies. You can visit his Quora to learn more.

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